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Overwhelm. Love Yourself.

If you choose to be anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life. ~ Abraham Maslow

Meet Coach Tammy

I am passionate about life and living it to its fullest, and about helping others do the same. My eclectic background and personal journey as a Highly Sensitive Person has provided me with a broad scope and expertise as a Holistic Coach with a specific focus on helping HSPs thrive & turn their sensitivities into their Super Power.

I’m glad we found each other. Let’s see what’s possible.

Do you feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, or like your life is out of balance?

Perhaps you know that there’s more to life, but you just can’t see how to achieve it.

Or maybe you struggle with feeling unworthy and wish you could find love and compassion for yourself.

You CAN find peace and balance.

Do you hear often that you’re ‘too sensitive’ or ‘over-reactive’, or feel like you’re just different and no one understands you?

Do you experience your emotions so intensely you don’t know what to do with them and want to escape sometimes?

Are you affected greatly by energy and your surroundings?

You may be a Highly Sensing Person (HSP), and that’s an amazing thing!

Your sensitivity can be your Superpower!


Case Study

Steve Remmel,
Entrepreneur, California

I tried Tapping on my own to help me grow in a few key areas where I was “stuck”, and I got very limited results. Then I met Tammy and learned one of her many services is being a Tapping coach. The idea of working with a coach intimidated me because I knew it required being very transparent and vulnerable. As I got to know Tammy over a few video web meetings I found her communication style warm and inviting. My inner voice told me to trust her with my Tapping challenges. She outlined a customized co-creation process at a reasonable rate. I am so glad I did! Tammy asked questions and listened with a style that made me trust her. We worked together with her taking the lead and improvising to meet my needs. I realized she was being vulnerable too which increased my trust and allowed me to relax. Her process “opened me up” and I am sure that contributed to the rapid results I experienced. Today I have made significant progress in the areas she and I addressed. I highly recommend Tammy, especially for those who are sensitive or hesitant to open up to someone else.

What other clients have to say...

Cheryl, Central Oregon – Aug/21

I contacted Tammy because I was wanting to work on some negative patterns I had developed in my life.  We worked together for several months and the improvement was exactly what I was hoping for.  It was amazing to me that through the different modalities Tammy uses, I was able to release and move beyond the struggles I had become stuck in. 

Thank you, Tammy, it was great working with you.

“I have seen Tammy for coaching sessions and Emotional Freedom Technique. I always leave feeling a significant positive shift in well being. I highly recommend her!”

“What a great experience to work with Tammy. She is very knowledgeable, thorough and kind hearted. I highly recommend her.”

“Tammy is the real deal. She works magic and walks her talk. I highly recommend her.”

“I wanted to let you know how important our session was yesterday. There were a few true ‘aha’ moments for me and last night (my husband and I had great connection)…all of this is so healthy and very new.”

Allie, New Zealand – April/22

I came across Tammy when looking for some help with some issues I couldn’t seem to get over.  I was suffering from extreme anxiety because of it. I joined a community for Highly Sensitive People (HSP) which I could really relate to. Tammy was one of the coaches recommended if you needed extra help. 

I found Tammy really helpful. She was compassionate and being a HSP herself really understood where I was coming from but also able to put some objectivity around the issues. 

I learned alot about looking after myself, putting boundaries in place and reframing your head talk  

We also did Tapping which Tammy is qualified in.

She had the full package of being empathetic so you validate your feelings but then go on to reframe your head talk and what you are telling yourself to a more positive and objective way of looking at a situation. 

Often HSPs can be really hard on ourselves and we need to learn not to be. 

I learnt to ask myself is it true.  Just because I felt something didn’t make it true. 

I’d recommend Tammy to anyone needing help, she was a great help to me. 

You can’t pour water from an empty pitcher.

To help others and achieve your personal best, you must first take care of you. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary. Creating a self-care plan is one of the best things you can do for yourself and those around you.

Live, Love, Laugh, Learn.

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