Hello! Welcome to my writer’s page. Here you’ll find free resources and links to purchase digital or hard copy books.

I’m excited to be able to offer you a free PDF version of my most recent co-authored book: The Change Series #18. This book is chock full of inspiring personal stories and tips for personal change, and in my chapter I share some of my story and ideas on developing self love as a Highly Sensitive Person. Click here to download. (My chapter is the last)

If you would like a hard copy or ebook, you can find it on Amazon (sometimes tricky to find), Barnes & Noble and other booksellers. If you’d like a signed copy, please email me (tammy@coachtammygoen.com) and I’d be happy to connect and get that going for you ($14+shipping).

My first co-authored book, Evolving on Purpose: Mindful Ancestors Paving the Way for Future Generations. In this, the first of my published author forays, I share what it’s like to be highly sensitive, how knowing about the trait completely changed my life…for the better!, and how my work focus evolved into helping other HSPs to go from surviving to thriving.

This book is available on Amazon in digital and hardcopy, but if you’d like a signed copy, email me (tammy@coachtammygoen.com); I’d be happy to send you one ($14+shipping).

And, I have two free ebooks for Highly Sensitives which you can download anytime:

Communicating with Non-Highly Sensitives

The Little Book of High Sensitivity

Happy Reading! Please let me know if you have any questions or would like a signed copy.

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