Tapping (EFT) can be even more helpful for HSPs 

Whether it’s coaching or counseling, alternative techniques like tapping or CranioSacral Therapy, many services can be more helpful for highly sensing folks than non. Last week I shared about differential susceptibility…our nervous systems and brain dynamics lead to a likelihood of reacting more strongly to both negative and positive stimuli. This is one reason that …

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What It’s Like To Be Highly Sensitive… revisited

Sometimes people ask, “What’s it like to be highly sensitive?” I’ve written about his before, but here’s another example… Before I finished reading about and watching a video of a 13 year old boy who jumped up to grab the steering wheel and slowly brake his school bus to a safe stop after the bus …

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Managing in the Healthcare World

Do you dread going to the doctor? Do you feel unheard, misunderstood, unsupported? I hear you! As a highly sensitive person, navigating the healthcare field can be challenging. The medical environment, including the sights, sounds, and smells, can be overwhelming and anxiety-inducing for those with sensory sensitivities. Additionally, medication side effects may be more intense …

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What If You’re Not Broken?

It’s so easy to make comparisons with others…physical appearance, ‘success’, family dynamics, social situations, countless others. And we can find ourselves falling short and feeling the need to be fixed. But needing to be fixed implies being…broken. It suggests that there’s something very wrong, odd, unacceptable, worrisome, generally not ok. Brokenness.  We’re all unique. We …

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Achieving Balance Through Tapping

EFT/Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Techniques…usually just referred to as Tapping, is an amazing tool to include in your toolbox for whatever ails you. There’s an increasing awareness of tapping these days, and multiple YouTube channels for discovering and using it. While it’s most beneficial when working with a guide, so you can access and release …

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Self Care Tips for Sensitivities

Self Care Tips for Sensitivities If you’re Highly Sensitive, you’ve experienced some reactivity to things in the environment, whether related to sound, touch, sight, smell, even taste. You’ve likely also felt challenged by others’ feelings, cultural and world events, even your own emotions. Sensory Processing Sensitivity, the official term for high sensitivity, describes this…we are …

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