Surviving to Thriving

A course to help the Highly Sensitive find peace, self compassion and self love so your sensitivity can become your SuperPower


Hi Sensitive Soul. If you find yourself…

🌱Overwhelmed by the world more often than not…sometimes you just want to crawl under a blanket or run for the hills…

🌱 Annoyed, distracted or frustrated by the noises and motions, lighting and even smells in the environment…

🌱 Feeling the energies around you to the point of distraction or illness…

🌱 Struggling with feeling heard and understood and not knowing how to get your needs met…

🌱 Experiencing conflict in your relationships and not knowing how to shift them…

🌱 Having intense, out of control emotions, or stuffing your feelings so much you aren’t in touch any more…

🌱 Wishing you could just turn off your sensitivity and feel ‘normal’…

 …this course is for you.



I hear you, I get it. As a Highly Sensitive Person I struggled through my childhood and early adulthood…all the way until my mid-40s, feeling weird, wrong, too different. It was a constant challenge to feel understood by most people and I would get so angry when others acted in ways that I thought were disrespectful, rude, uncaring, overly demanding and thoughtless. I felt anxious in social situations.

Even with my training as a psychotherapist and all of the self care techniques I’d learned and practiced, and my knowledge of emotions and their connection to my thoughts, I still often felt lost and in need of fixing. That was a big issue in itself…I was constantly engaging in personal work, and saw amazing shifts, yet somehow I felt like I still needed to do more to be ok, that there was something inherently bad that needed fixing, and I couldn’t find it. Thankfully that all changed, and it can for you, too.

I’m speaking from experience when I say it truly is possible to overcome the overwhelm, stop feeling wrong or broken, and embrace the positive side of High Sensitivity.

Learning about the trait of Sensory Processing Sensitivity, or High Sensitivity, was life altering. I was able to reframe my past and make sense of why and how I did what I did and why that felt so different from most others. I realized why I struggled in some relationships and felt so misunderstood…because I was! And knowing that so many things I experienced was ‘normal’ within the High Sensitivity realm helped me feel less weird and wrong.

My professional training and experience and my personal journey, including my own coaching, have given me many tools and ways to shift my mindset and get rid of many unhelpful, unconscious beliefs. My awareness of the High Sensitivity trait was the starting point for over a decade of my own journey learning more about High Sensitivity and what it means for me, as well as how to use my knowledge and experience to help other Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) increase awareness, self compassion and self love and come to honor themselves AS highly sensitive, rather than in spite of it.

What if you could…

🌱 Feel calm and healthy and able to manage the demands of life

🌱 Manage your own energy and emotions in a healthy way and be less affected by energies and the environment

🌱 Develop and maintain healthy boundaries and start putting yourself first for a change

🌱 Experience healthy, harmonious relationships in which you feel heard, understood and supported

🌱 Honor yourself as a unique, special person that the world needs

🌱 Embrace your trait and allow it to be the gift that it is, sharing it with the world


Does this sound good, but maybe unreachable right now? This is all possible, and this course is designed to help you on that journey.


How will the course help?

We’ll be focusing on 9 different topics, each with 3 sub categories, to help you master:

1. Calming the Nervous System

~Why is this so important? It’s even more significant for HSPs than for others.

~Calming techniques. Learn a variety of ways to calm the nervous system on your own.

~Your personal blueprint. Find what resonates for you.


2. Your self care plan

~Committing to yourself. HSPs tend to put others first and ourselves on the bottom shelf.

~Consistency and routine. Wanting to create a plan doesn’t usually make it happen.

~Removing comparisons. What’s workable for you isn’t necessarily the same as for others.


3. Managing your energy

~How energy affects HSPs. We’re all affected by energy, but highly sensitives feel so much more.

~Intention. What are you putting out there?

~Fill your reserves. If you’re bucket is empty, you just can’t be the person you want to be.


4. Managing emotions

~High emotionality for HSPs. Even if we don’t express them, our feelings run deep.

~The impact of meaning on our emotions. What are you telling yourself?

~Acknowledge, allow, feel, release. Feelings can be intense, but none are ‘wrong.’


5. Honoring yourself

~What are your needs? It’s important to know what these are and value them.

~Perfectionism. This can’t be a win-win, but we can shift it.

~Honoring, not judging. You’re your own person with unique needs, life view and skills!


6. Boundaries

~Energetic. What’s yours, how do you protect yourself from taking in too much?

~Relationship. Finding what supports you and how to shift or let go.

~Physical. Creating a workable schedule and daily, weekly and ongoing plan.


7. Shifting mindset

~Our programming. It’s not all our fault, but we can change it.

~Limiting beliefs. We can shift those automatic thoughts always swirling around in there.

~Intention. Having clarity and conviction about what we send out and ask for.


8. Harmonious relationships

~Toxic relationships. Letting go of the need for everyone to like us and not disappointing.

~How to share your trait/needs. Others can’t see or feel exactly what we do, but we can help them understand.

~Creating a supportive environment. How to receive this support.


9. Honoring your SuperPower

~Acknowledging and validating. Highly Sensitives are thus for a reason.

~Benefits of High Sensitivity. How this trait can really be a gift.

~Embracing your trait. Allowing your sensitivities to work for you.

What to expect

In each subsection you’ll receive a video lesson and 3 techniques to practice and add to your toolbox…techniques like:


🌱 meditation and guided imagery

🌱 EFT/Tapping sessions

🌱 art projects

🌱 worksheets

🌱 journal prompts


My intent with this course is to provide you with many tools and a new way of looking at and experiencing your gift, and it truly is a gift. There’s a lot here, and I don’t want you to become overwhelmed, so I really recommend going slowly, practicing the techniques and allowing time for processing.

Investment in your wellbeing. 


Invest in your wellbeing with this self-paced, engaging course. Move from just surviving to thriving and loving yourself deeply.

Your investment provides:

🌱 9 modules

🌱 27 lessons

🌱 81 activities and techniques

🌱 2 bonus videos

Current Special Pricing:

The value of a full coaching program at your own pace for an investment of just $797 $297

Add 2 one on one coaching sessions for a total of just $997 $497 .


I’m so excited for you and your new journey. The world needs you and soon you’ll be shining your light so much more brightly!

If you’re not quite sure about the course and would like more information or to chat about how it would work for you, you’re welcome to schedule a free consult so we can chat about it.

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