Membership and course offerings

I hope you’ve been enjoying the free content on my App! I want to help as many Highly Sensing folks as possible.

Are you ready for even more resources and more in depth guidance, and a dedicated community? I’ve got you covered.

Thriving (Monthly Membership)

As HSPs, there’s nothing like spending time with others who get us. If you like what Essentials Plus has to offer AND want to add weekly live, interactive Zoom calls to address specific topics, ask questions and share experiences, this is your membership!

What you’ll get in Thriving:

~Weekly exercises rotating among 4 areas: breathing, meditation, guided imagery and EFT/Tapping. You’ll receive a new one each week.

~Monthly on-topic video recordings addressing common issues and things that come up in my work with clients

~A dedicated, private social community separate from the free and the Essentials Plus memberships

~Monthly challenges to keep you motivated for your self care plan and coming to embrace your trait


~Weekly private LIVE Zoom meetings only with other Thriving members to share and explore with. Our calls are on Wednesdays at 4pm Pacific time, and they will be recorded and archived in the app in case you can’t make it live, or want to review previous sessions.

All of this content for just $57/month. Includes everything in the Essentials Plus plan, plus the private live Zoom meetings, every week.

I’m so looking forward to building community with you. Together we will thrive as Highly Sensing People!

NOTE: If you’re interested in the live calls, but already subscribed to Essentials Plus, you can join Thriving here for $40/month. You’ll continue to receive everything in Essentials Plus, and now have access to the weekly Zooms and belong to another private community!

See you soon, beautiful soul!

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