Trees as Therapy and Recharge

I’ve written before about the importance, and depth, of our connection with nature. There are so many varieties of Mother Nature’s beauty to enjoy out there, and I love living where I can immerse myself in the mountains, lakes, forests, rivers and streams, even various grasses and myriad plant species.

It’s hard to say which of these amazing natural phenomena I like best…that’s like having to choose just one option from a gourmet buffet table. But, I do have a very close relationship with trees. 

I wouldn’t, couldn’t, live without them. I don’t just mean that, of course, I rely upon their amazing oxygen giving service to maintain all of my bodily and mental functioning. True. I mean that my soul would be at unrest if I couldn’t see and commune with trees often. I’d be untethered.

Yes, I’m a tree hugger. Toucher. Sniffer. Voyeur. Speaker.

I love, adore, cherish trees. I can’t hike through the woods or near trees without stopping to touch, smell, even hug one or two or more. And I always tell them how amazing they are and thank them for being there for us.

To be connected with nature you don’t have to focus on the trees, of course. I recall a fellow player back in my volleyball days in Colorado who was getting ready to move back to the midwest and was beyond excited to be returning to the plains; for him, the wide open vistas and flat expanses were Heaven, what fed him.

It’s about finding what does resonate most and making sure that’s part of your life, your daily existence. What better way to soothe your nervous system than to spend time in your favorite type of nature?


So, back to trees.

If you also feel amazing while spending time among, even touching, trees, did you know that there’s a scientific reason for this? That they produce chemicals that actually trigger us to produce oxytocin (connection/love hormone) and decrease our cortisol (stress hormone) levels? Research even shows that touching trees can decrease our heart rate and blood pressure.

Yea for amazing trees!

Time with trees does in fact recharge us. There’s a widely accepted practice in Japan they call Forest Bathing…just immersing oneself in trees for a period of time to reboot. This can certainly work in other natural environments if trees aren’t your thing, or aren’t plentiful.

If you’re starting to feel motivated to learn more amazing things about trees (like how they communicate with one another and get in sync) I would highly recommend the book: The Hidden Life of Trees. It’s a great book, and on my list next is this author’s second in a nature series, The Inner Life of Animals. 

Nature is so amazing and the intricacies of Her flora and fauna are no less than astounding.

So, if you haven’t stepped outside into nature today it’s probably time to get out there and enjoy Mother Earth’s bounty, and if you’re able…hug a tree! 

If you’d like some guidance in creating a sustainable self care practice I’d love to chat with you. It’s more important now than ever ❤️

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