Work and the Highly Sensing Person

I’m in the midst of making some changes in my own work focus, letting go of things I’ve been doing that don’t resonate or help me and considering new directions. It’s always good to revisit our goals and where we’re at so we don’t get stuck in the “same ol’ ” and just feel frustrated.

Over the years I’ve witnessed within my clients and group members a common challenge with work…whether regarding environment, management styles, leadership issues, issues with colleagues or folks just feeling like they’re going through the motions but not feeling a purpose, or feeling completely burned out.

For HSPs, it’s even more important to listen to our inner responses to our work situations and environments, which can be very poor fits for our sensitive natures. Even when we choose the seemingly ‘right’ career path, it can end up being different or more than we realized.

My Own Experience

When I stepped out into the working world I thought I had it all planned perfectly. As a counselor, I would use my compassion and empathy to help others heal and resolve troubling issues. As it turned out, I was good at it😊

At the time, I was not aware of the trait of high sensitivity, and I not only chose a very challenging focus…survivors of various types of abuse, but didn’t realize just how much my work would impact my nervous system. Until I hit burnout, hard and fast. I realized that I just couldn’t do the work anymore.

Sometimes no matter how much we think we’re perfect for a job or career, or think we ‘should’ resonate with it, we do need to make a change. That can be very challenging. I remember feeling more than a little bit of a failure as I thought about walking away after all of the time and energy and money put into my counseling degree, and the clients I was leaving behind.

But we all grow and move forward, and sometimes that means making a change, either within our job or business, or through a complete shift in direction.

In order to do this, as HSPs we must get a handle on our perfectionism and unrealistic expectations. If we choose to walk away we can feel like we’re disappointing others and failing, by not sticking to our plan. But the reality is, when we fail is when we don’t listen to ourselves and our needs and follow our inner guidance, when we operate according to the ‘shoulds’.

When I eventually found myself called back into the emotional helping arena, I was very clear about my needs, focus, self care and the type of client issues that resonate with my sensitive self. Once I saw that I could make this work without depleting myself, I moved forward.

I still need to be vigilant about checking in with myself. I had an opportunity to give back by working with US Veterans as an EFT/Tapping coach, which I thought I would be great at since I am already level 2 certified in EFT, and then as I was working through the specialty training program I suddenly became aware that I just couldn’t do the work, not while taking care of me as well. I knew that the situations I’d hear about were just too much for me. I had to honor myself and opt out, as much as I wanted to help.

Finding A New Direction

If you’re struggling at work or in your business, it’s good to reflect and see what can be controlled or changed, including your mindset and expectations. When that doesn’t create peace and fulfillment, it might be time to redirect.

Wishing you a fulfilling life of service in a job or career that resonates with your morals, allows you to be calm and centered, and feeds your soul.

If this isn’t working for you and you’d like some fresh ideas and guidance, reach out to chat with me and we’ll see if we can work together to help you find that peace.

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