HSPs as Spiritual Beings

Do you consider yourself to be spiritual? This may mean religious in some way, but likely not if you’re Highly Sensing. According to Elaine Aron’s work, HSPs tend to be quite spiritual, but seek deeper answers, consider other possibilities and ideas, and often move away from organized religions. But of course, not always.

I’ve always been a seeker, but haven’t resonated with organized religions, choosing instead to seek experiences and information from many practices and systems that help me go within, without any dogma or prescribed ways of doing things.

If I hear, “That’s just the way it is,” or “It’s just always been that way,” I go the other direction, often with considerable resistance. If I hear, “This is the only way,” I’ll run.

For several years I learned and explored with a Native American (Lakota) leader and group. It resonated so strongly with me for a few years…until it didn’t. When I started hearing that some things were as they were just because that’s the way it’s always been, but didn’t have what I thought was a sound foundation (at least for current times), or specific practices just felt wrong for me, I decided it was time to move on. Instead of feeling disconnected or uncomfortable and that I needed to just manage that and follow along, I decided to listen to my inner knowing and realize it wasn’t the best thing for me anymore.

I don’t believe there is just one way, for anything. We need to be open to options and then consider them and determine their resonance with us. Sure, there are things we can’t opt out of, like paying taxes, but when we have choices, it’s our responsibility to decide whether or not those choices are right for us and act upon those decisions, to honor what our inner guidance is telling us.


This month on my tv show I’ve been diving into spirituality and the HSP, and this week I talked about how we can be pulled into something not resonant more easily than average. We want to trust, we see what others think and do which is often different than our own, and we want to blend in or belong or not ruffle feathers. And we can doubt our initial reactions.

We like to believe that everyone is kind, honest and has our best interests at heart. We can forget that all humans are fallible, that even someone who seems to be highly spiritual and enlightened can also be someone who doesn’t truly resonate, or even offers something not useful or helpful or healthy.

The key, as with all decisions and choices, is listening to our inner wisdom, connecting with our higher power, and honoring our ‘hits’…our knowing that may not have a basis in ‘reality’. We may not be able to explain our reactions to someone or something, but we just know it’s not good or safe or right. It doesn’t have to make sense.

If something seems too good to be true, or leaves us wanting to roll our eyes, or our first reaction is some kind of ‘no’, it could be due to lack of trust or some kind of resistance. So, we can spend a little time considering before making a final choice then check in again. Or it could mean we’re picking up on something important, a signal to step back and re-evaluate.

You can get quiet, breathe deeply, go within and ask yourself…how does it feel to think about doing this, or following this person, or choosing this program? What do you feel in your body, what images or thoughts come up? Then switch to imagining making the opposite decision. What’s different? What do you notice?

Then honor what comes up. Even if everyone is saying ‘go’ but your inner voice is saying ‘no’, you’re probably right on, even if it doesn’t seem to make sense. After spending a lot of time feeling like we don’t belong, HSPs can yearn to belong by joining others in a viewpoint or practice to experience that camaraderie, or to not disappoint, but it’s all about resonance and honoring ourselves.

And if we have other HSPs in our circle it can be wonderful to be able to share our new insights and experiences, knowing we’ll be accepted. I love talking with my HSP friends about spiritual ideas and new understandings. It brings such richness to my life.

So, whether or not we consider ourselves to be spiritual, we can practice really listening to our inner wisdom, as we explore and learn and expand our consciousness. We can connect with our higher power or the Universal energy and feel loved and supported and come to trust our initial reactions to people and situations, rather than following others in a different direction. This helps us make decisions that create what we’re looking for and choose to have in our lives. 

From my holistic view as a coach I incorporate spirituality into my work with clients, as I think it’s important to look at all aspects of our lives in order to create the change we seek. If you’d like to see how working together can help you along your own journey, I’d love to connect on a free call. You can learn more about me here.

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