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Following My Human Design Map

For a while now I’ve been drawn to learning more about Human Design…an increasingly known and supported system of identifying the way in which we view and interact in life.

According to Human Design I am a Manifesting Generator. Essentially, as I understand it, life flows most smoothly for me if I put ideas out there and then wait for the right things to happen, rather than forcing them, and being clear in my choice of yes or no to what comes. I’m supposed to inform and respond.

I can find myself in a place of frustration (my go-to as a Manifesting Generator) if I’m not listening to my gut and following my yes/no responses. I’m driven, so it can be easy to ‘overdo’ and push too much. 

I’ve found myself in this place recently…too much time doing, doing, doing and, even though I give myself plenty of down time and regroup time, I’ve not been giving myself space within my business plan.

Over the past week or so I’ve decided I would be best served to take a step back, identify what I like doing best, what resonates most, and making the time for those things first. If there’s time, and energy, left over for other things that are potentially beneficial, great. 

Letting go

I’m letting go of the reigns a bit and sitting back to view what’s going on and make some decisions about where I want to head in my business. What drives me? What lights me up? How can I incorporate those things and let go of the “this is a must for success” messages I’ve been listening to and start deleting all of the emails and LinkedIn messages I receive daily which assert what I “need” before reading them, unless I feel drawn intuitively to check one out. Just talking about this makes me breathe more deeply 😊

And this week I’ll be taking a few days off to just be, to reflect on who I am and where I want to be and get in touch with my inner compass. I’ll also be attending a couple of music performances, which will feed my soul. I’m beyond excited about this.

I think I’ll even dive a little deeper into my Human Design “map”…the outline of how I work from that perspective. At some point I may decide on a Human Design certification program (can we have too many certifications?) so I can understand myself even more and learn how to incorporate that system with my clients.

I’m also a magnet to anything Quantum, so I’ll likely be diving more into that realm, as well. It’s not perfect timing, as it will be presented on the 16th…the week after my time away, but I’m really interested in a free class I just discovered in Quantum Human Design…nothing like bringing two favorites into one mini course 😊

Whatever your job, business or career, I hope you’re also taking the time to reflect and make sure what you’re doing resonates and see where things might benefit from a little tweaking or shifting focus. If you’d like to connect to see how we can help you do this together, you can go here.

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