Tapping (EFT) can be even more helpful for HSPs 

Whether it’s coaching or counseling, alternative techniques like tapping or CranioSacral Therapy, many services can be more helpful for highly sensing folks than non.

Last week I shared about differential susceptibility…our nervous systems and brain dynamics lead to a likelihood of reacting more strongly to both negative and positive stimuli. This is one reason that tapping (EFT) can be especially helpful for us…we’re wired for responding to that positive help. We’re also more apt to experience a positive response, because we connect with and allow the movement of energy and our systems are poised to accept the energy shift.

We also tend to be very curious, so that can help us to be more open minded to new techniques, wondering how they’ll help us, even if they seem to be quite ‘woo woo’ and not make rational sense. (Tapping can seem too simple or ‘out there’ to work, but it is used by the VA for PTSD with veterans, and there is research to support it.)

For a sensitive nervous system

Another reason tapping might be more helpful for us is that it’s a very gentle, non-invasive technique. It works well with our sensitive nervous systems. The practitioner doesn’t need to touch you…you tap on yourself and you’re in control of where and how you tap and even which words you use. The coach will suggest words based upon your issue and history, but you can shift as needed to make sure they resonate.

So, what is tapping? Known as Emotional Freedom Techniques,  or EFT, tapping, can be likened to acupuncture without needles combined with very brief statements pertinent to the issue. It’s based upon the idea that everything is energy…thoughts, emotions, pain, everything. We can develop blocks in our energy system based upon beliefs created during our early programming and experiences throughout our journeys, and these affect our optimal functioning. Tapping on a variety of points along the meridians, or energy lines, of the body helps to unblock these stuck areas and effectively reprogram the issues…to create a new story.

While you can certainly use tapping yourself for a variety of topics, if you’re working with a practitioner to go deeper, she’ll be able to not only recognize and intuit the right wording to use, but she can direct the session to make sure you’re not triggered by any old traumas or memories.

This is not to say that you wouldn’t have any strong responses. There can often be tears, tension, intense feelings that come up, as you address unconscious thoughts that have been affecting things for a long time, but these are mild compared to a trauma response. The practitioner will also be  able to help you process these quickly toward resolution so they move out before getting too intense; they’re replaced with relief and a sense of peace.

Tapping just to feel better

Tapping can even be used briefly just for self soothing…a great tool to use anywhere, any time you might be feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Even in public you can use tapping, as you can receive benefit from just setting an intention (intention is so strong!) and imagining that you’re tapping on the points without actually touching them.

You can learn a bit more about EFT/tapping and practice along with a session for anxiety on my YouTube channel. If it resonates for you and you’d like to resolve a long standing issue, I’m available to help. I’m Level 2 certified and use it frequently with my clients and see amazing results.

Happy tapping!

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