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What It’s Like To Be Highly Sensitive… revisited

Sometimes people ask, “What’s it like to be highly sensitive?” I’ve written about his before, but here’s another example…

Before I finished reading about and watching a video of a 13 year old boy who jumped up to grab the steering wheel and slowly brake his school bus to a safe stop after the bus driver lost consciousness, I was reaching for the tissues. 

I wasn’t just crying because this young man ignored everything and acted selflessly, without worrying about what others would think. That was part of it, certainly. Nor was it just because he was lauded as a hero and I could sense his mother’s pride and everyone’s appreciation.

Yes, but it ran deeper than that.

As many highly sensitive people might, I immediately clued in to so many potential disasters that were averted and the effect on those involved (including the potential loss and grief felt as a result of those who could have been injured or perished), and the relief and happiness of the families of the students as they realized what potential disaster was averted. I connected with the sheer adrenaline the boy experienced and the fear of all of the other students on board, the ‘coincidence’ (I don’t believe in coincidences) of him having been paying attention to the bus driver and what was happening in order to react in time…

I could go on.

highly sensitive

I experienced all of this in 15 seconds or less. For those who aren’t highly sensing, my reaction may seem over the top or mysterious or even ridiculous. But, it’s a common occurrence for me. My tears were both sad and happy ones, based in fear and joy simultaneously. And relief, and wonder and awe.

It’s so common for Highly Sensitive People to have reactions that others may consider silly or excessive or confusing, but for us it’s normal. This is because we not only take in everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, at a very deep level, but we also consider all possibilities and put ourselves in others’ shoes and feel others’ energy. 

And we’re really good at ‘what ifs’.

This can be both a curse and an amazing benefit that can help others as well as ourselves. We catch things that others miss, and consider the effect things have on other humans and the planet and her creatures.

We tend to be very compassionate and intuitive, which, again, can be challenging and amazing.

So, if you know someone who tends to ‘overreact’ to things or not let things go that others let go of long ago, or spend a long time processing something that others don’t think about anymore, they just might be an HSP.

I’m thinking it’s quite possible, maybe likely, that this young man is also Highly Sensitive. 

And if you watch the video and have a strong reaction, know you’re not alone and there’s a reason for it…it’s the way you’re wired and it’s amazing.

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