Why It’s Good For HSPs To De-Clutter

When was the last time you chose to de-clutter your space, your life?

I’ve had a corner of my kitchen…the catch-all space, way too cluttered and driving me nuts for a while now. Sound familiar? I just kept NOT making time to take care of it, even though I knew it would really feel good and help me energetically. Funny how we can do that…not listen to ourselves about something good for us. 

I guess I wasn’t connecting with the felt-sense of shifting the energy, had forgotten just how impactful it can be to change my environment.

I finally scheduled in my ‘chore’ last night and hit it head on. Also like usual, I’d built it up in my mind how long and arduous it was going to be…another reason for putting it off. As it turned out, not only did it take only an hour, but that included making some other minor changes as well.

The result? I’m ecstatic, and am in love with my kitchen again! I’ve looked at it many times in the past 12 hours and it makes me so happy! I can also feel the shift energetically…I’m much lighter. 

I’ve studied a little bit about Feng Shui, and have long known and understood how chaos around us can effect us. From the Feng Shui perspective de-cluttering is about freeing up the flow of energy, removing areas where it can be clogged or jumbled, not free flowing, or avoiding sending the energy too intensely, like a dagger, toward us or our beds or areas in which we want to be relaxed and regroup. It’s also about resonating our surroundings with ourselves.

For HSPs, this also makes sense in terms of how much more we feel the energy. If it’s stagnant, because there’s too much junk for it to flow through, we’ll feel that stuck-ness. If it’s chaotic and kind of crazy…going this way and that, hitting walls and objects, having to go around many items, it’s going to feel chaotic and crazy. When we de-clutter and clear the pathway for the energy, it flows freely, doesn’t clog, and feels oh-so much better.


This makes me think of giving a dog a bath. If you’ve done so, you know how amazingly happy and excited they get after the bath (even if they hate the process)…they run around and around like puppies, even if they aren’t any longer, and you can just feel their joy. Everything suddenly becomes so much better.

This is how I feel after I de-clutter. Whether it’s a kitchen counter, a closet, an entryway into your house, your car…when you clear and streamline and remove unnecessary items, it feels so much better.

Last week I completely revamped my tea cabinet (yes, I have a whole cabinet dedicated to the yummy brew…I love tea!). I was similarly excited and happy and relaxed by the new situation. And every time I open the door to choose my tea, I’m SO glad for my reorganization.

These experiences are gifts that keep on giving. It feels good at the time, and for long after, if we keep things in the new way. 

I know I’m highly sensing and am affected a lot by the energy around me. I love feeling a higher vibration and that feeling of freedom and peace. These two experiences have served as good reminders of just how important it is for me…and I think most HSPs, to be more mindful of my environment and where I can create positive change in it. My energy system will always be grateful when I de-clutter my space.

My plan? When I first notice that something is too cluttered or disorganized, I will schedule, at that moment, a time to take care of it, rather than noticing it day after day and thinking that I need to address it sometime soon. Simple, but like many things, if it’s not scheduled, it might not get done.

Ok, time to make lunch, in my newly freed up kitchen. You can bet I’ll be smiling the whole time I’m preparing.

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