The Healing Power of Sound

I’ve always loved and been moved by music that resonates, and irritated by that which doesn’t. For me it’s about the energetic response, and discordant or cacophonous sounds set me on edge. Certain types of instruments or frequencies, and of course lyrics (which have different frequencies!), leave me calm and relaxed, energized and happy, or feeling like I want to strike out or run away.

It’s common for Highly Sensitive People to be affected by music, whether positively or not, more than non-HSPs. Since everything is energy…vibration and frequency, it’s not surprising that all sounds, not just music, can affect us greatly. And much of the time, we may not be consciously aware of these effects. Like subliminal suggestions through visual images, sound affects us all the time, even unawares.

There’s a lot of research now showing just how sound affects our health and wellbeing, and why it can be used in healing devices. These can include anything from tuning forks, crystal bowls and our own voices, to very elaborate clinical devices. Of course, various cultures have used sound in healing for ages, but the scientific world is just now catching up. In the 1890s Nikola Tesla created a sound healing machine, but contemporary science seems to only be paying attention to his discoveries recently.

John Stuart Reid is a researcher who studies the healing effects of Cymatics (sound and vibration made visible) on the human body. According to his research, everything that happens in our bodies is a direct result of sound. If we use the right frequencies, we can do so much to affect our condition.

So if you’re really moved by a sound bath, there’s a scientific reason for that! Fascinating, right? If you get irritable after listening to discordant music or, for me, heavy metal, it makes perfect sense in terms of frequency. 

What We Can Do With Sound

Being Highly Sensitive, our radar picks up on these frequencies more easily than non-HSPs, so it’s important for us to be aware of our surroundings and listen to what our bodies are telling us. If something doesn’t feel good, rather than trying to ignore it or judge ourselves for not liking or tolerating what others seem unaware of or to even enjoy, we can just honor where we’re at and make an adjustment. Our bodies know! 

In the realm of frequencies, there’s also the issue of negative effects of certain EMFs, or electro-magnetic frequencies, from so many electronic devices and cell towers out there now. That’s another topic, but keeping with the current theme, it’s important just to realize how much we can be affected by sound and frequency in our environment, and to be proactive. 

Tip: while doing your work or chores or other activities when you might (or could) have music on in the background, playing various 

frequency sound recordings can be helpful even if you’re not aware of what’s playing. A YouTube search for Solfeggio frequencies will bring you myriad options for this; you can even search for a specific frequency, such as 111Hz, known as the Divine or Angelic frequency discovered to resonate inside places like an ancient complex in Malta (noted in the Tesla video).

So if you’re wanting to calm and relax, or wake up and energize, or even heal, you can seek out frequencies to help you. You can listen to music or receive a sound healing, use tuning forks or connect to a vibrational device. Hopefully in the very near future the medical field will be using frequency therapy instead of pharmaceuticals and surgery!

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