Achieving Balance Through Tapping

EFT/Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Techniques…usually just referred to as Tapping, is an amazing tool to include in your toolbox for whatever ails you.

There’s an increasing awareness of tapping these days, and multiple YouTube channels for discovering and using it. While it’s most beneficial when working with a guide, so you can access and release deeper issues, you can use it on your own for any number of topics. These include, but are definitely not limited to…


~unhelpful habits


~lack mindset/manifesting abundance



~relationship issues

~performance issues

I always have my tapping clients practice at home on their own between our sessions to maximize their progress. This can be done in just 10 minutes per day, or more or less, or they can review our session recording and repeat the full session while making adjustments for shifts which occur each time. It’s amazing just how quickly things can be revealed and then shift.

What is it?

So, what is tapping you may ask? It’s a non-invasive, energetic tool that helps to unblock where we’re stuck. I liken it to combining acupuncture (without needles) with very brief talk therapy. You tap on (or massage or hold) specific points which activate the meridian, or Chi, lines throughout the body, while making brief statements about the issue or your experience of it. 

While it’s helpful to identify past experiences in order to guide your sessions, it doesn’t require talking in depth about them. The magic of the technique is that it accesses the subconscious quickly, without having to talk about uncomfortable subjects for hours or months, or longer.

Because everything is energy, including emotions and thoughts, tapping is effective because it releases energy blocks created by the way we processed the information the first time. Whether from our programming in childhood, especially within the first 7 years, or from events that occurred later and what we told ourselves about them, information we’ve held and believed about our experiences is often inaccurate, and certainly can be unhelpful.

It definitely helps to become aware of our patterns and thoughts as much as possible, but there are some so deep and reinforced that we aren’t aware that they even exist. Tapping helps to reveal…and release, these unhelpful themes.

One helpful and simple focus for tapping on your own is for decreasing the stress response. Many of us are experiencing record levels of stress responses these days, with so much change and chaos, and the increased divisiveness that abounds. 

How To…

While you can go through a full protocol using the set up statement, ie, “I’m feeling so stressed right now,” and proceed through several rounds of identifying what’s not working, allowing it to release, then installing positive resolution (see my tutorial), you can do a brief session with just the positive outcome to feel better on the spot.

Start tapping on the top of the head or eyebrow point and tap through all of the points; repeat until you feel calmer, using statements such as:

~I can calm my body

~I’m in charge of my emotions

~I’m in control

~I feel my body relaxing

~everything is just fine

~this is only temporary

~I choose to release all tension

~I feel lighter with every breath

~It feels so much better to be calm

~I let go of anything in my way of feeling perfectly relaxed

~I am calm and resilient

~I am at peace

Tapping can be a great addition to your daily self care practice and when you’re feeling particularly stressed or in a state of dis-ease. 

If you’d like to dive deeper and release unhelpful patterns that keep arising, working with a guide can be very helpful. I’d love to chat with you about how that could look.

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