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From Beyond the Veil; Self-acceptance

One of the presenters in my Sedona conference was Anita Moorjani. If you’re not familiar, she has an amazing Ted talk you might enjoy: Dying to be Me.

Anita crossed over after succumbing to lymphatic cancer, her body riddled with over 30 tumors. While on the other side of the veil, she connected with pure love and consciousness and, although she was happy to remain there forever, she realized that her work here was undone, and chose to return to us.

Not only did she revive after crossing over, she proceeded to heal herself of every last one of her tumors within a 5 week period. To some this may seem impossible, but she’s here to tell about it and her tests confirm.

Anita shared that the reason she was able to heal was a combination of total self-acceptance and acceptance of all those she deemed hurtful to her in the past, and a pure ‘knowing’ that the healing was possible. She simply had no doubt. She chuckled as she explained that when she returned to her body in her hospital bed, her energy was off the charts and she couldn’t understand why no one believed her when she said, “I’m going to be perfectly fine.” To her in that moment, she already was fine.

I just loved this teaching…how simple it is to heal ourselves if only we just believe that we can. We just need to get out of our own way, to release the subconscious programming and self-doubt and judgment.

Another idea that has really stuck with me is Anita’s awareness that while we as a species tend to focus on worshipping or following religious deities or entities, our own guides or ancestors, etc., and trying to emulate them (but forever feeling less than), she noted the opposite reality. According to her and what she learned from the other side, Spirit/God/Universe/our guides/angels, etc, revere us. Struggling, learning, unaware, human us.

Many, including Anita, believe that we are here to experience and learn in a physical body, something we can’t do while in pure energy/consciousness form. This world has many challenges and we experience many learnings, all the time. For this, we’re celebrated! We all are on our own journey, though connected to/part of Universal energy, and there is no judgment on the other side. None.

So, how different does it feel if you believe, if you know, that you are a pure being of consciousness having this human experience, and regardless of your learnings and ‘shortcomings’ you are not only perfect, but honored and revered? That if you focus on what’s not working, where you fall short, you’re not honoring the process and valuing this experience? What if we sit back during challenging times and say, “Yes, this is happening, and I am fully present and experiencing this reality, but I’m just an energetic being. I am perfect and honored and loved and don’t need to be anything other than myself.” ???

Anita is also an HSP/Empath and has a book out: Sensitive is the New Strong. I’ll be writing about her views on sensitivity in another post.

For now, I’ll leave you with some mantras for self-acceptance:

  1. I’m perfect as I am
  2. I’m a being of light having a human experience
  3. Awareness, not judgment
  4. I’m divine
  5. Spirit/Universe supports me always
  6. I trust my divine self
  7. I am love
  8. I trust the Universe

Peace and unconditional love to you.


If you’d like to chat about increasing your self-acceptance, you can schedule a free discovery call.

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