Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

During a lovely heart activation meditation this morning, which I’ve done numerous times, I had a rather profound epiphany: I can share my love unconditionally for the betterment of others, myself and the planet.

Ok, this is obvious and something I’ve known for a very long time, and you probably have as well. Of course…love helps everything. Today, though, my experience of this shifted, from knowing it in my mind to feeling it in my heart space and deep within my knowing.

I’ve understood and believed for a long time that there’s only fear and love…if we’re not acting out of love, we’re following our fear. Yep, got it. Believe it. But was I truly loving, with all of my heart, EVERYONE…even those whom I dislike or who do things I find unthinkable and inhumane and reprehensible? Definitely not. I was judging and feeling angry and reacting from a place not of love, but of fear. THIS…this is new for me, to shift this habit.

I’ve done much personal work to forgive those I believe disrespected, hurt or abandoned me. I’ve forgiven myself many things. I’ve not made much headway on having truly unconditional, non-judgmental love for those in the world I’ve been judging and feeling angry toward. Or even, to this deep level, for myself.

I believe we are all here doing our best to learn to love unconditionally. That doesn’t mean condoning inappropriate behavior or allowing people or circumstances in our lives that don’t resonate or allow the love to grow. But, we can forgive and extend unconditional love, because…and this was the big takeaway…it’s a win-win. 

If I send love to someone I don’t like or agree with it will help them on some level; maybe it’s just what they need to feel differently and therefore act differently, or not. Maybe it’s just a tiny addition of positive instead of adding negative. Sending that person love will raise the vibration of the world, one little heart at a time. And it will help me! I’ve often said that when we have a challenging day, doing something nice for someone makes it better immediately. That’s because of the focus away from ourselves, sure, but it’s also because of sharing that love, that vibration. Our vibes, and those of the recipient, rise.

unconditional love

By choosing to send love to everyone, without judgment or expectations, I can raise my own vibration and feel better, and I contribute to the greater good. I’d much rather raise up humanity than add to the negativity and what’s not working.

Does this mean I’m done getting angry at others and their behavior? Not likely. This is a new journey and I’m not going to expect myself to do a 180 instantly. Anger has been there as a red flag to tell me something’s not right. I can accept and feel that anger, then let it pass, reframe and then send love. Hopefully at some point I can skip the anger part, just recognize that the other is having his own experience and send love. My focus now is the reframing and sending of love, unconditionally. That person needs that love. We all need that love.

As a part of this journey I’m now also focused on giving myself that unconditional love response. When I find myself falling short of my own expectations, I hope that I will recognize my judgment and irritation or guilt and immediately send myself love. That will incorporate acceptance and forgiveness. I’ve been doing that pretty successfully for a while, but not to this level. And I’m prepared to have to remind myself and let go of old patterns. Eventually I hope to move straight into the love response to anything that isn’t going as planned. Who knows, maybe I’ll eventually remove all judgment for self and others…a lofty, but worthy goal.

Life is a journey of discovery, trials, mistakes, learnings, joy and…love. I plan to always be learning and growing and reminding myself that there’s no end game other than…unconditional love. 

It didn’t help me to know this concept with my brain all these years. It took going within, in the quiet, focusing on my heart space and opening it not just to receive, but to share love. And I guess it took just the right conditions for today to be the day when I moved from my head to my heart to really ‘know’ this deep in every cell.

If this was easy our world would be in a very different place. So, have patience with yourself. If you’re stuck in a place of anger and fear, not finding peace and unable to love unconditionally, I really recommend meditation and mindful practices and self-compassion. Enjoy the journey. Love yourself.

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