Energy and the Highly Sensitive

Energy and the Highly Sensitive

What’s the most challenging part, for you, of being Highly Sensitive? One thing that almost all of my clients share is their difficulty dealing with energy. That might be the energy of a room or event, of a specific person in relationship, even of the world as a whole and the planet. 

As Highly Sensitives we do tend to feel, experience, hold onto the energy of others and situations or events. We’re sponges, so if we’re not conscious about the energy we allow in, it may be too much or not resonate with us, overwhelm us or even make us ill.

So, what can we do about it?

Awareness is key. Being intentional. If you’re going to attend an event with a lot of people, or where there will be chaos or high intensity energy, it’s good to have a plan ahead of time and prepare yourself for the energy. You can be mindful of a situation before, and as, you enter it, and tell yourself, “Ok, there’s going to be a lot going on there. I’m going to be aware of it, know it’s there, but not take it in.”

If you’re spending time with someone who has intense or negative energy, it’s helpful to prepare yourself prior to your meeting. Use the tools below or other favorites, remember that it’s temporary and you don’t have to follow their lead or accept what they present. It just is. And recognize that their energy is not a reflection of you.

It’s also good, once you become aware of increased energy and you’re feeling rattled, to ask yourself, “Is this my energy, or someone else’s?” Even if you know, ask the question anyway, so you’re very aware, then send the intention to not take it in. Intention is very powerful, even if it seems subtle. If you’re conscious of the potential of taking on the energy and decide up front that you don’t want it, that helps immensely.

Energy Tools

~ In addition to awareness, we generally need tools specifically for controlling the influx. Keeping the nervous system calmer with ongoing, daily self care practices is a must for being able to handle energy. There’s just no way around this. if your nervous system is amped…your bucket is full, you’re not going to have the reserves necessary to ward off energy. No question. So daily self care and time to relax, regroup and recharge is essential.

~ One technique I like to use and teach is to imagine being surrounded by a mesh bubble that only you can see. The bubble is semi-permeable…your energy, love and light is sent through the membrane to the outside without conscious intent, but all energy that seems ‘negative’ or doesn’t resonate with you is not given permission and bounces off without reaching your inner sanctum. It is consumed by the ether and converted into something pleasant. 

~ You can bring your awareness to a situation and consciously set up your bubble and have the understanding that energy coming in must have permission. You can also start your day this way, being aware of your bubble. It’s all about the awareness and intention.


~ Grounding is also very helpful in managing energy. Imagine roots extending from your tailbone or feet deep down into the earth. Feel those roots draw up loving, supportive energy from the center of the planet into every cell of your body. Feel at one with the Earth, feel its stability and strength and allow that feeling to wash over all of you. 

~ You can add to the grounding exercise the drawing of energy into the top of your head from the Cosmos. Feel that energy enter your body and radiate through every cell, increasing your vibration and your resilience. Or if this resonates more, just use this technique on its own.

Honoring your experience

If you do get overwhelmed by energy it’s vital to acknowledge this, then do something to calm and regroup. Remove yourself from the situation if possible, take a nap, walk in the forest or park, meditate, whatever helps you to focus inward, relax and let go. Being stoic and trying to ignore it will not only not help, but can lead you down the path of exhaustion and illness. We tend to be caretakers, but HSPs must take care of ourselves in order to manage our sensitivities. 

If you maintain a healthy daily self care and calming practice, use a variety of tools from your toolbox and be very conscious and intentional about your energy, you can thrive as a Highly Sensitive. If you’d like some help with this process you can schedule a free discovery call to see how we connect  here  Sending loving energy your way!   

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