Grateful as a Way of Life

Grateful as a Way of Life

Last night as I finished paying for my groceries I noticed the little donation tags for a local food program. I grabbed one and paid for it on my way out, and noticed just how warm I felt afterward…I smiled all the way to the car. It always feels good to know I’m making a difference, even with small steps, and I was grateful to be able to do so.

I decided right then to adopt a new giving plan…I’ll grab one of those donation tags, whatever is offered depending upon which store I’m at, and add it to my purchase. Maybe some days I won’t feel that I can afford to offer as much as others, but even small amounts, if donated every time, will make a difference, and they usually have different values available to fit anyone’s budget.

I figure that if I can afford to walk away with bags of fresh, healthy food, I can afford to help someone else who isn’t so fortunate. If I just stop in for a few items, I can always choose the $1 donation option if I don’t want to spring for $5 or $10…even that will help. And if I literally stop in for just one quick thing, I can pay cash and drop my change into the box that pretty much all stores have at each register.

Being Grateful

Being grateful means not taking for granted what we have and recognizing that things could be different. When we feel grateful we live from a place of joy and abundance, rather than frustration and lack. Everything doesn’t always go our way, but most likely we can point to other situations which are far less satisfying or easy or rewarding. If we focus on the positives…what we’re grateful for, things are more likely to go our way.

The reason I’m excited about my new donation plan is the frequency. I have automatic payments deducted monthly for some of my favorite organizations, but while I’m very glad to be able to do so, I don’t think about it very often…usually just when I get the notice of the withdrawal. These small donations will be much more frequent and keep me in the Gratitude mode more consistently. Each time I donate at the register I’ll be aware of helping someone. I’ll feel the connection with the greater whole and stop for a moment to consider how much I have and feel further grateful that it’s enough to be able to help others.

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