Walk Your Talk

Walk Your Talk

I’ve noticed that the times when I feel most genuine and true to myself, and therefore most at peace, are when I walk my talk. By that I mean when I make the effort to follow through with a plan, follow my own advice or recommendations or make the extra effort to support something I believe in rather than just talking about it.

It’s easy to sit back and voice opinions, “like” or post things on social media, sign petitions, offer verbal support of things others are doing or even blog in support of something. It’s easy to talk about what I’d like to do or see happen, or complain about the way things are going. Involving myself in a cause, physically, or following through on a plan that requires action, is a whole different experience.

Walking my talk, actually DOING something, has the added bonus of creating feelings of accomplishment, of community, of solidarity, of commitment to self and others. It raises the energy level of me and the collective. It’s also rewarding to make a positive impact and know that my actions are benefiting others.

The old adage states that “words are cheap.” I believe words can actually be very impactful and beneficial (as well as the reverse), and one can spend a lot of time and energy creating just the right combination of words to use in order to make a point or support someone or something. Words can only go so far, though. Taking action adds energy and strength to those words ten-fold, a hundred-fold.

I had the pleasure and honor of adding my voice and presence to the Women’s March this past weekend and spent an amazing few hours surrounding myself with and sharing and emanating love. It was one of the most loving, positive things I’ve ever done and I was so thrilled to be part of such a world-wide movement of peace. I want that feeling to persist and expand, so I intend to make the effort to become a part of many things this year that will spread love and peace. It will be a year of action, not just talk. I guess I ended up making a New Year’s resolution, in spite of planning not to. I will walk my talk.

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