Things happy people do

Things happy people do

Do you know someone who just always seems to be happy, no matter what is going on around them? I’m sure you do. Long ago I used to look at such people and think, “Oh come on, no one is that happy.” The reality is, there are things that happy people do that keep them being that way. It’s not that they don’t experience challenging events. They’re normal people, but they don’t allow these situations to affect their well being, at least not for the long term. This is what I saw in my lovely grandmother. I still have a long way to go before I can say that I’ve mastered this, but it is an ongoing goal that I am closer each year to achieving…as long as I stay focused. Like meditation, it’s a practice.

Things happy people do which I find most useful:

1~Be grateful. I discussed this in my last post. Not taking things for granted helps to maintain perspective and bring about more good things.

2~Be mindful. Notice the beauty the world offers, from the smallest snowflake to the grandest mountain. Pay attention to what’s here right now. Notice your breath. Notice your surroundings. Get rid of “What if…?”

3~Be positive. When things are challenging, identify what’s working. Focus on something pleasant. Look for the silver lining in the sky of gray clouds. Think of someone else’s struggle and realize how small yours really is.

4~Be passionate. What drives you? What gives you pleasure? What creates in you a sense of utter bliss? Do more of these! Find at least one that makes time stand still and leads you to forget your troubles during that time.

5~Be relaxed. Stop thinking so much and ruminating on things that have already happened, things you can’t change. Read, dance, do yoga, listen to music, go for a run, play with your dog or children, create art, meditate. And BREATHE.

6~Be accepting of yourself and others and don’t compare. Recognize that no two are alike, we don’t know everyone’s stories and we’re all doing our best.

7~Be a great friend and partner. Nurture your relationships. You’ll develop and experience compassion, commitment, understanding, acceptance, love.

8~Be immersed in joy. Surround yourself with like minded, happy people.

I slip up regularly, but I try to enjoy the day, feel grateful for what I have and pass along my happiness to others with a smile and laughter. The world needs many, many more happy people!

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