Taking Time for Yourself

Taking Time for Yourself

Taking time for yourself is so important. I’m so blessed to be able to do this more often than most, and I cherish every moment. Next to a day spent recreating in the outdoors, yesterday was one of my favorite kinds of Sunday: Sleep late, yummy gluten-free pancake breakfast with chocolate bits and chicken sausages, a dog walk to the river, then time with a good book in my window seat. All of this followed by an afternoon of dancing, then an evening with my dog watching a captivating movie. Doesn’t get much better, eh?

Even if life is too busy to allow for such a day very frequently, at least once a month is really a necessity, or maybe a half day more often. Having these down times allows us to regroup and reduce stress and be more able to cope with work, family and other responsibilities. It also helps for being the best we can be in relationships. Over the years I’ve heard many clients state that they just don’t have time for, or feel guilty for taking, such a luxury. I try to help them understand that, like visiting the dentist, time for yourself isn’t a luxury…it’s preventive medicine. And much more enjoyable than the dentist!

Here’s to you!

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