The only real sign of life is growth

The only real sign of life is growth

“The thing is, the only real sign of life is growth. And growth requires pain. So to choose life is to accept pain. Some people go to such lengths to avoid pain that they give up on life. They bury their hearts, or they drug or drink themselves numb until they don’t feel anything anymore. The irony is, in the end their escape becomes more painful than what they’re avoiding.” From Richard Paul Evans’, “The Walk.”

This is a more eloquent version of, “No pain, no gain,” and so true. And the classic, “Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” No one enjoys feeling pain, but everyone likes to feel joy. If we attempt to shelter ourselves from pain by hiding or avoiding or not doing, we also won’t experience the sheer joy life can bring. To be truly happy we must truly live life…push the envelope, try new things, risk the unknown and the chance of failure. Live life to its fullest with no regrets.

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