The Power of Intention : Part II

The Power of Intention

There really is much to be said about intention. I became interested, and a believer, in energy work simply through intention. During the first day of clinic during my massage program…the very first day of practicing my new skills on willing, patient and trusting clients and only a third of the way through my program, I was asked if I could offer a chakra balancing session. I explained that while I had learned about the chakra system and some Eastern philosophy, I hadn’t yet learned any specific techniques for balancing it. My client simply stated, “That’s fine, I’m sure your intuition will guide you and I trust you to do what you think is best.”

Well, I was quite surprised and buoyed by this person’s trust, in me and the universe, and decided that I would do just that…follow my intuition and have the intention to do my best. Not really knowing what I was “doing” but focusing on being present and listening to her body and energy field I proceeded to do what felt right to balance her system. At the end of the session this client, whom I’d never before met or worked with, held my hand and said, “That was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. Thank you so much.”

At that moment I became a believer in not only energy work, but intention. I believe that because of my intention to offer this client what she needed, and her intention that I would do so, she had an amazing experience. I have had energy work sessions with clients who were skeptical yet still experienced amazing results, but the combination of intention, technique and trust is incredibly powerful. I’ve also become very trusting in my intuition and worked to strengthen my ability to listen to it.

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