Stand Tall

Stand Tall

There are many ways to help ourselves remain healthy and most require conscious focus. In childhood you likely heard one adult or more telling you, “Stand up straight!” This was very good advice, even if it may have seemed like a command you wanted to resist. Standing tall allows for more space between vertebrae and less pressure on joints and can help to prevent a stooped posture as we age. We can prevent, minimize or alleviate neck and back pain just through a nice upright posture.

This has become even more of a challenge in recent years as we spend so much time on our phones, tablets and laptops, arms and heads forward, upper bodies slouched. Many muscles have to do double duty due to increased pressure and load in such awkward positions.

Standing, and sitting, tall helps not only with physical health, but emotional well being as well. If you present a bold, confident posture, you feel more bold and confident, and others are more likely to notice you and embrace your energy. Add a radiant smile and you’re golden!

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